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I LOVED working with StudioR for my boudoir shoot! Reija was incredibly professional, made me feel comfortable immediately, and took gorgeous pictures. Going in to the shoot I had no idea what to expect, and I was blown away by the quality and beauty of the photos she returned to me. I kept repeating "oh my god, that's me?!" I highly recommend StudioR for any photography needs! - A.H. (via Yelp)

Reija is an amazing photographer. She made me feel comfortable extremely fast and was very versatile in her shots. She was creative and fun, and I absolutely love the final photographs. The pricing is EXCELLENT! Her studio is also very homey and quaint. I will recommend her to my friends or family or anyone who need professional photography. She was very prompt, professional, and understanding of all of my needs. -- Mandy T (via Google)

Reija's work speaks for itself. She's extremely talented, has great vision, a delightful sense of playfulness and excellent technical skill and know-how. I'm 60, and when I first arrived for my "boudoir" photo shoot, I was so nervous. I'd never done this before and wanted to give my husband something special for his birthday, but I was terrified that I was "too old" to do this, and that the pictures would look ridiculous. Reija assured me that together we could create something which would transcend time and age, and still be sexy and beautiful. She patiently worked with me through numerous wardrobe and backdrop changes and by the end of the shoot I felt as if I'd known her for years! Besides being a lovely person, Reija is a brilliant photographer, and my husband was absolutely blown away when he saw the pictures. Thank you Reija, you made me feel and look half my age and gave me something really special to have for the rest of my life!!!  -- Joni (via Google)

I highly recommend Reija as a photographer.She was very quick to respond to my phone calls. She was very professional and warm hearted at the same time. With that said, it was easy for me to relax and display my inner beauty through my smile. She did her homework with my request and made it possible for my pregnancy photo visions to come true. I have had may compliments on my photos as well. I love her work! -- Malia (via Yahoo, 5/10/13)

I LOVED it! Reija is a wonderful photographer. I did a boudoir photography shoot and had some ideas in my head of what I wanted some of the pictures to look like and Reija brought them to life. Her pictures are amazing. I am a little shy, and Reija made me feel so comfortable during the shoot. She is so friendly and I had a blast working with her. Reija is very prompt and answered ally my questions before the shoot. The pics came out great, I couldn't even believe it was me. I can't wait to do another photo shoot with her!  --- Julie Seth (via Google)

Reija @ Studio R is AMAZING!!!!! I took the recommendation to have Reija shoot my boudoir photos and I am SO pleased with the outcome. Reija is kind, funny, makes you feel at ease, and has such an eye for photography - all making for gorgeous pictures!! I have never felt so beautiful in my life and I cannot wait to give my fiance the book of pictures on the morning of our wedding! BIG THANKS to Reija for being professional, down to earth, and very good with communication (emails/calls). Look at her portfolio- it speaks for itself :) -- Shelly W. San Francisco, CA (via Yelp)

[Please Note: We currently only accept Couple's Boudoir requests from past clients.] StudioR exceeded expectations for a couples boudoir photoshoot. The results were excellent, matching a set of pose ideas that we had pre-selected before the shoot and then building from there. The result was a well-composed photo essay with the look we had imagined. We were both a little nervous to get in front of the camera but Reija made us feel comfortable. Reija really works with you as a couple and helped us to feel confident and at our best in front of the camera. And despite running a little longer than expected and nearing the end of the photoshoot, Reija then did several additional sequences of my wife alone. This was where her experience, skill, and endurance really showed. By this point, my wife and all of us were perhaps starting to get a little tired, and my sense is that a lot of photographers may have just gone through the motions and quickly wrapped up the session, Reija took her time and seemed to effortlessly guide my wife through a number of poses that were the best of the shoot. Instead of 1 or 2 "keepers", there were almost too many to choose from just the last set of my wife alone. I have attempted some amateur boudoir photography of my wife and it was a real treat to work with a true pro and see her approach. StudioR is a well appointed venue with professional lighting and sets for portrait or boudoir. I had interviewed a number of boudoir photographers, and selected StudioR for Reija's aesthetics as a photographer, her approach, and lastly her customer engagement and encouragement and was very pleased with the results. The shoot exceeded expectations and so did the post-shoot follow-up. My wife and I both easily in the over 40 category, and while there was a little Photoshop post-production, but there was only a little bit, so we managed to look natural with the optimal amount of, um, improvement, but not so much post-production that we looked like an early Pixar film.;) I have read a lot on boudoir photography, interviewed and met with a number of photographers, and found Reija to be "the real deal" and highly recommend StudioR for a boudoir or couples boudoir photoshoot. -- J.H (via Yelp)

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