FAQs-StudioR Santa Cruz - reija

Where is StudioR Santa Cruz located?  We are located in Live Oak Santa Cruz.

How do I contact you?  Please call or text "Raeya" at 831-332-0375 or email: reija@aol.com, to book your portrait session or a free consultation.

What are your hours? Photo sessions are available by appointment only, these can be scheduled for weekdays or weekends.

What should I bring to my portrait session? You should bring your outfit changes and maybe some spare items in case you change your mind. Clothes should be free of creases and fit well. Be sure to try on all clothing before the session. Please also bring a brush and touch up makeup.  Non-messy snacks for young children is also helpful to have. 

Do you provide lingerie for boudoir sessions?  Mostly clients bring their own lingerie however I do have a small selection of classy lingerie in sizes S, M & L that can be borrowed. There is a $15 laundry fee for borrowed items.

When do I pay for the session? Your session fee is due at the end of your photography time. We accept cash, checks or credit cards.  If you order additional files we will email you an invoice which is payable on receipt,  before I begin preparing your final images.

Sample Proofs Gallery

How do I view my proofs? Your proofs will be available for viewing in a private online gallery. We will email you once the proofs are ready. This takes up to 7 days after your session.

What if I'm in a rush? Business clients often need headshots immediately. I can usually rush your headshots and have them ready within 24 hours, without any additional charge. 

How long do I have to view my proofs? You have 2 weeks to select the images in your package, after this time we will select the best images for you. Please let us know if you require additional time.

How do I tell you my favorite images? To narrow down your final images you can collect your favorites by clicking the "Favorite" icon. See sample image to the left, the "Favorite" icon is circled in red.  You can remove favorites by clicking the "Unfavorite" icon. To view all of your favorites click the "See All" icon, circled in purple.  Please email, call or text once you have indicated your final images.

After I select my favorite images, how long will it take to receive my final images? Once you have emailed me your choices, it will take up to 7 days to receive your final images. Your digital files will be on a disk, and in a private online gallery of final images.  The final  images gallery will be online for one month.

What editing is included for the final images?  The final images are enhanced for exposure, color, brightness, slight skin softening and other minor edits, as determined by studio.

How much does additional editing cost and what can you do? We charge $15 per 15 minutes of editing.  This includes edits such as: fixing glasses glare, head or eye swaps, removal of stray hairs, enhancements to features or makeup, wrinkle reduction, clothing irregularities, reducing bulges, etc. Typically such edits take 15-30 minutes, each.

How do I order prints? You can take your disk to any print provider and order prints. I recommend Bayphoto. You may also order prints at cost, from your online gallery of final images. These are printed via Bayphoto and shipped to you.

How do I order prints?   At StudioR we provide you with the high resolution digital files and not prints. We recommend ordering prints via Bayphoto or you may order via our website (at cost), which uses Bayphoto also.

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