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Where is StudioR located?

We are located in a lovely neighborhood in Live Oak, Santa Cruz. We have a beautiful, spacious home studio. You will receive directions upon confirmation of booking.  If you have pet allergies, please let us know. 

What is the best way to contact StudioR? 

Please call or text "Raeya" at 831-332-0375 or email: reija@aol.com, to book your boudoir or portrait session or a free consultation.  We respond within 1-2 business days.

What are your hours?

Photo sessions are available, by appointment, on both weekdays and weekends. We can accommodate busy schedules.

Do you require a deposit?

A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to confirm your session. If something comes up, you can reschedule once. Kindly give at least 72 hours notice if you need to reschedule.

Will my photographs be kept private?

Yes, your boudoir photographs will be kept private unless the studio obtains your written permission. For some clients privacy is very important for professional and personal reasons. Other clients love to see themselves on my website! In this case, please let us know, we may offer additional edited images as a thank you.

Can I bring a friend to the session?

If you feel more comfortable bringing a female friend with you, then you are welcome. However, it's usually easier for clients to relax when there aren't observers. We suggest they accompany you for a short time, then wait at a nearby coffee shop. 

When do I pay for the session?

Your session fee is due at the end of your photography time. We accept cash, checks or credit cards. If you order additional files we will email you an invoice which is payable on receipt,  before we begin preparing your final images.

When will my final Images be ready?

Proofs of your images will be ready within ONE week of your session. The proofs will be presented to you in a private online gallery. They are for viewing only, in order to select the images that will be retouched. Your final retouched images will be ready within ONE week after you select your favorites from the proofs. If your package includes prints, please allow ONE additional week. If your package includes an album please allow FOUR additional weeks. Headshots can be ready faster if needed.

What retouching is included for the final images?  

The final images are enhanced for exposure, color, brightness, slight skin softening and other minor edits, as determined by studio to create beautiful final images. Usually no further editing is required.

How much does additional editing cost and what can you do?

We charge $15 per 15 minutes of editing. We like to keep you looking natural however sometimes a little extra editing is needed for various reasons. This includes edits such as: minor enhancements to features or makeup, removing clothing irregularities, slight reduction or enhancement of areas, tattoo removal, etc. Typically such edits take 15-30 minutes each.

How will I receive my final images?

You will be emailed a download link for your final retouched, high resolution images. If your session includes prints or an album, these will be picked up from the studio. The final images will also be available in your online private gallery for 1-2 months.

How do I order prints from my digital files?

You can order prints  from your online gallery of final images. These are printed via Bayphoto and shipped to you. You can also order from any print provider of your choice. 

Do you provide lingerie for boudoir sessions?

You can either bring your own lingerie, borrow from StudioR Boudoir or a combination of both. We have a small selection of classy lingerie in sizes S, M, L, XL & 2X that can be borrowed. There is a small $15 laundry fee for this option. You can see all of the lingerie on our Pinterest Board.

I'm not very comfortable in lingerie, are there other ways to create sexy photographs?

Some ideas for fun and sexy boudoir photographs that use non-lingerie items include: 1) favorite items that belong to your partner like a sports jersey, shirt or jacket; 2) a big sweater or robe that can be worn off the shoulder; 3) sheets on the bed provide full coverage with the illusion of nudity; 4) fitted body suits or lace dresses. These are just a few suggestions however the session can be completely tailored to your comfort level and creativity.

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